Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Cover

In these uncertain times, have you ever thought about how you would cope if you lost your job? Could you cope on £67.50* per week?
If you had an accident, or were sick and couldn’t work, how would you manage on £81.60* week?

Whilst most traditional policies cover you for only 2 years, at Charles Derby Consultancy we can offer protection products that pay out until you are able to return to work, or when your policy ends. As well as your mortgage or rent, our providers will also cover a large part of your income so you can continue to enjoy your normal standard of living, without having to rely on state benefits.

Our premiums are also guaranteed, even if you make a claim. Our providers also guarantee never to cancel a plan (unless your claim was fraudulent or you miss a payment), giving you complete peace of mind. They will also pay your monthly premiums of your product whilst you are making your claim.

For a free, no obligation quotation, please call us on 01603 901520. We will need to take some details about you during the call, such as your age, occupation, whether you are a smoker and your general state of health.

At Charles Derby Consultancy we can give you the help and advice you need, contact us on 01603 901520 or tina@charlesderbyconsultancy.com