First Time Buyers

The majority of economists agree that to “kick start” the housing market, first-time buyers need to be able to get a foot on the housing ladder. Recently, high deposits and charges have deterred many first time buyers from entering the market. Many parents have had to subsidise their offspring by providing help towards a deposit, reducing their own savings and income from the interest payments. Some parents have had to act as a Guarantor for their children’s mortgages – again, Charles Derby Consultancy can help with the application process should this need arise.

A recent example is one young couple who had never applied for a mortgage before. Being self-employed, the lender required a great deal of information. With our help and guidance, all the information was obtained quickly, and the couple kept informed of the progress of the mortgage application every step of the way. They were allocated a personal mortgage advisor, who was available at all times to answer any questions they had, and ensure their application went through with a minimum of fuss. This is despite the couple living in Oldham and being dealt with via the telephone and internet.

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